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Custom Integrations

GW supports and integrates seamlessly with your existing case management or financial system. With more than 40+ third party integrations in our current system, GW knows how to make integrations as easy as possible.

GW offers a non-integrated option that delivers the same flexibility, security and ease in a standalone solution.

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Technology Applications & Flexibility

Provide seamless integration with your back-office systems. We have experience with integrations via web/cloud-based, client-server, hosted, on-premises, SaaS/PaaS/laaS, mainframe, and more.

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Innovation & Technical Support

We are always striving to improve and innovate our solution. We maintain an active roadmap, to ensure all clients are getting the most current technology. When a client requests innovative or additional technology, we:
  • Develop it as configurable option on the platform
  • Put onto a demo server for customer review

  • Adjust accordingly to feedback

  • Release to live production for customer

  • Notification to all other customers of new feature/enhancement

  • Fast implementations

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Certified PCI-Level 1
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement to security and reliability of our systems
  • With AWS we have a unified solution to help protect, manage, recover and scale backups on the AWS cloud, replacing legacy and complex backup solutions